8 Interior Design Trends We're Embracing in 2023 (+ 3 We're Leaving Behind)

Deepblue Direct December 13, 2022

Every year the interior design landscape changes, accelerated by what we see shared on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. And whether you're an avid follower of interior design or not, it's online tastemakers who are setting the standard for what's hot (and what's not!) inside our homes.

It's easy to get left behind in today's fast-paced world of interior inspiration, so, if you're looking to renovate or update your home in 2023, today we're listing the interior design trends we expect to rise in popularity next year. What's more, we're even listing social media accounts for each trend that you can follow for your daily dose of inspiration.

We're also covering some of the once-loved trends that are quickly falling out of favour with interior designers - stick around to read about them later in the article. For now, lets dive into the home design and decor trends we're excited to see more of in 2023.

8 Interior Design Trends to Embrace in 2023

1) Muted luxury

We're glad to be saying goodbye to gaudy interiors. As we've seen in high-end interiors this year, professionals are now sticking to more tasteful use of luxury materials, furnishings and accessories. Instead of floor-to-ceiling marble, we're back to more restrained use of this luxury material, opting instead for a high-impact backsplash, kitchen island or bathroom vanity unit.

Gold is making a return as it continues to prove popular in luxury interiors again. Instead of all-gold everything, though, designers are opting for gold pendant lights, gold kitchen cabinet handles or gold appliances like taps. By keeping the use of expensive materials low-key, it's easier to avoid crossing the often-thin line from luxury to distasteful.

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2) Japandi

Long-time interior design followers will remember the explosion of interest in Scandinavian design principles in the late 2010s (hygge, anyone?). For those who love Scandi interiors, Japandi serves as the natural middle ground between Japanese and Scandinavian design styles. Heavily influenced by natural materials, organic shapes and an earthy colour palette, Japandi again puts the emphasis on functionality, prioritising high-quality pieces and shying away from maximalism.

In 2023, we expect to see more homes move towards simplified interior styles like Japandi as we learn to make more from little.

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3) Earth tones

While organic modern seems to have saturated the market with greys and beiges in 2022, in 2023 we'll see this shift towards soft shades of popular colours like blue, green, brown and red. This adds an extra layer of interest to interiors that is nigh-on impossible to achieve with an all-grey or beige interior. We're also likely to see houseplants stick around as they add another element of colour and life to a space.

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4) Checkerboard everything

Once the trademark of Urban Outfitters, checkerboard design has become a rising trend in modern homes, too. Of course, it's hard to go wrong with a large checkerboard rug, however, this pattern looks right at home on your entranceway floors, your kitchen backsplash or as glass panels in your front door. They don't need to be plain old black and white, either; we're seeing red, yellow and navy make an appearance in checkerboard patterns, too.

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5) High-impact kitchen backsplashes

In 2023, we see colours in our homes being used sparingly but with intensity. One room where colour often fails to make an appearance is the kitchen, with homes in the past decade overwhelmingly opting for grey or white. We predict that in 2023 we'll see colourful tile trending in kitchens, providing a stark contrast to light cabinets. This could be anything from glossy metro tiles or geometric patterns to bright Moroccan motifs, helping homeowners stand out in an overcrowded market.

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6) Feature lighting

2022 was definitely the year of the oversized lampshade, and in 2023 we can see this trend becoming more established. Oversized feature lighting is the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to your interior space, while also providing great practicality. We'd recommend opting for pendant lights or statement lamps that come in shades like blush pink, dusty blue or bronze. Alternatively, chandeliers are a hit in period properties - just make sure to strike the balance between classy and gaudy.

For desk or side table lamps, we suggest choosing characterful lights with intricate detailing - think sculptural shapes and unique finishes.


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7) Cork floors and furniture

Sustainability continues to be a driving force behind interior design, and in 2023 we see cork becoming the hottest material of the year. Cork is an excellent choice for flooring as it's incredibly durable, reducing the amount of maintenance needed for interior spaces. What's more, cork is environmentally sustainable, with cork forests ranking as some of the top biodiversity hotspots in Europe. Inside your home, cork has a unique, earthy look and can be used to create statement furniture or inexpensive flooring.


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8) Limewash

Limewash walls are continuing to grow in popularity throughout 2022, and in 2023 we expect things will be no different. Limewash offers a great alternative to your standard paint job, as it's an environmentally friendly, low-toxicity option that gives your walls a unique texture and finish. It's also incredibly versatile; you can opt for subtle or bold colours depending on your interior style and personal taste. For those looking to make their walls stand out without dramatic colour, limewash will quickly add a layer of personality to your interior.

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3 Trends We're Leaving in 2022

1) Maximalism

The maximalist (aka organised busyness) look is on its way out; interior design in 2023 is all about minimalist, functional spaces. This means more natural materials and colour schemes, with fewer accessories and furniture items. The focus is on creating a sense of spaciousness and purposeful living - something that maximalism struggles to achieve

2) Soulless grey interiors

The trend of grey interiors has been lingering for years, but it's finally time to wave it goodbye. In 2023, expect to see a move away from soulless greys and beiges as homeowners opt for warmer colour palettes and cosier textures. This can be achieved with different shades of white, earthy tones and splashes of colour.

3) Basic chrome appliances

This year, interior design trends are all about making a statement with your kitchen appliances. Say goodbye to basic chrome finishes and say hello to bold black, copper or even gold devices that will give your interior an instant upgrade. Our boiling water taps come in a huge range of colours for the contemporary 2023 home. Find out how a boiling water tap works here.

We hope these interior design trends for 2023 have given you the inspiration you need to transform your home this year! With a little imagination and research, you can turn any interior space into something.