7 Ways to Embrace Gold in Your Kitchen Design

Tom Volpe March 19, 2023

In recent years, gold has become popular for kitchen decoration and design. Whether you want to make a statement in your modern home or get an aesthetic lift from the standard neutral designs, using gold accents can be incredibly rewarding.

This blog post will provide seven effective ways to embrace the glamour of gold within your kitchen to achieve a beautiful and timeless look without breaking the bank.

Is Gold an On-Trend Colour in 2023?

Gold is making a comeback in home design, starting with kitchen decor. In 2022, many homeowners opted for warm and inviting gold tones to create an inviting atmosphere. In 2023, gold is expected to become even more popular in kitchen colour schemes. With its classic elegance, vibrancy and versatility, this timeless metal can be used for traditional and contemporary kitchen styles to create a captivating ambience.

white kitchen room with golden faucet and lamp
1. Adding Gold Hardware to Cabinets

Gold hardware is an efficient - and elegant - way to incorporate gold into any room, but it is especially effective in the kitchen. Adding gold hardware to cabinets, drawers, or cupboards can bring a hint of luxury and glamour that takes your kitchen decor up a notch. It is particularly perfect if you find yourself drawn to the bright colours that rose gold or yellow gold can offer.

Not only does this decoration exude luxury and elegance, but it also adds a touch of vintage appeal that pairs perfectly with certain types of kitchen designs. Ultimately, adding gold hardware to your cabinets is the easiest way to transform your basic kitchen decor into something more regal and distinctive.

2. Installing a Gold Tap

Installing gold taps in your kitchen can be a great way to transform any space's style and sophistication instantly. Gold is a timeless colour used for centuries in furniture and decor, so why not make gold the focus of your kitchen design? Whether you opt for more subtle gold accents or a bold gold tap as the centrepiece, gold taps can provide unique elegance without removing the function of having a functioning sink. With gold becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility and durability, there's no better way to embrace gold in your kitchen than by installing gold taps.

3. Incorporating a Gold Backsplash

A gold backsplash is an excellent way to incorporate a glamorous touch into your design. While modern trends call for more minimalism, using a gold backsplash in your kitchen will give the room more personality and character. Gold reflects light beautifully, so it’s ideal for helping brighten the entire area.


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In addition, choosing gold as your backsplash provides ample opportunity for you to find beautiful accessories that can pull together other kitchen elements. You may even want to add complementary marbles or tiles in the same space to make it stand out and serve as a focal point within the room’s décor.

4. Choosing Gold Light Fixtures

If giving your kitchen a subtle touch of modern class is your goal, installing gold light fixtures could be the perfect way to achieve it. Gold light fixtures are wonderful for creating a soft, luxurious atmosphere in any living space since they reflect warm yellow tones, which helps give an inviting ambience to the area.


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Additionally, compared with other metals on the market, gold light fixtures are known for their durability and are unlikely to tarnish or scratch due to standard wear and tear. These fixtures can perfectly balance elegance and modernity with the right colour scheme. So, if you’re looking for a stylish way to embrace gold in your kitchen, opting for gold light fixtures could be the ideal choice.

5. Using Gold Appliances

If you want to add a touch of modern elegance and sophistication to your kitchen, using gold appliances is the perfect way to incorporate this luxurious hue. Gold complements most design styles and adds instant class - whether a gleaming gold refrigerator with French-door styling or subtle copper-toned ovens and cooktops - incorporating gold into your kitchen appliances will surely give any space a lavish update.


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Gold appliances come in varying shades, finishes and textures, allowing for complete personalization when recreating your dream kitchen. Imagine entering a room with two perfectly frosted custom dishwashers accented by burnished gold knobs or cases adorned with flat golden handles; the perfect environment for any chef!

6. Painting Cabinets with a Gold Finish

Adding a gold finish to kitchen cabinetry can be an excellent way to introduce gold into a kitchen design. Not only is the eye-catching metallic colour associated with riches and luxury, but using it thoughtfully on cabinets can give your kitchen a feeling of timeless elegance. Applying glazing, bronze-gilding, or liquid gold can be an exquisite way to draw attention to the focus points of your space – namely, the cabinetry.

Gold-painted cabinets tend to look particularly superb combined with warmer neutral tones such as honey and taupe, while they can also bring out the warm vibrancy of chic blues or dusty purples. Painting cabinets with a lustrous gold finish is one option if you are trying to create an opulent, elegant look in your home's kitchen.

7. Adding Gold Accents with Decorations and Accessories

Adding gold accents to your kitchen is a great way to embrace the regality and elegance of this timeless colour. Gold decorations, such as vases or planters, can help break up white walls and cabinets, while accessories, like faucets and handles, create an intentional design style when used thoughtfully.


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Using gold accents to refresh your kitchen and introducing elements of metallic sheen helps bring warmth and beauty that will never go out of style. Whether you include bits of glimmer around the room or accent bigger pieces with a touch of gold, these accents can instantly transform your kitchen into a luxurious haven fit for royalty.


Which other colours go with gold?


The cream is an excellent colour to pair with gold because it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The subtle hue will help tie the space together while allowing the gold accents to stand out. When incorporating cream into your kitchen design, be sure to use light shades of the colour so that they don’t overpower the room or draw too much attention away from the gold features.


Navy is another great option when pairing colours with gold in your kitchen design. Navy blue helps create a more modern look while allowing gold accents to stand out. You can also use navy blue on walls or kitchen cabinets to create contrast and draw attention to those specific areas without detracting from the room's overall aesthetic. When using navy blue, consider adding pops of lighter blues like baby blue or powder blue for added contrast.


White is ideal for those looking for a crisp, clean look in their kitchen designs. White pairs well with gold because it allows you to create contrast without sacrificing any warmth or cosiness in your decorating scheme. You can also mix shades of white (like ivory or off-white) to add depth and texture to your kitchen design while keeping things light and airy.

Is gold a warm or cool colour?

Gold has been associated with nobility, luxury, and wealth for centuries. Gold is unique in that it showcases both coolness and warmth depending on the hues and tones used. When gold is light and bright with pale yellow undertones, it appears to be more of a cool colour, reflecting positive energy and uplifting vibes.

Conversely, if the gold is darker with warmer brown undertones, then it takes on more of a warm presence, making it feel intimate and comfortable. Both variations of this luxurious hue can add a touch of royal elegance to any room setting or wardrobe choice. Ultimately, which temperature you perceive when seeing gold depends on your perspective – the only constant being the gracefulness inherent within this classic hue.

What colour cabinets look good with gold hardware?

Choosing cabinets and hardware that look good together is a great way to create a stylish and modern kitchen. Gold hardware can be a great option as it often has a timeless elegance, but the question is which cabinet colour will look best. While light muted shades like white, soft grey, or pale blue can go very well with gold hardware, many other options exist.

For a more modern look, navy blue or charcoal grey cabinets combine with warm shining gold. And for something bolder, green and yellow cabinets can pop with the sparkle of gold. Ultimately, deciding on what cabinet colour looks good with gold hardware comes down to personal preference – make sure you take the time to explore all your options before making your decision!


Gold accents are perfect for adding a touch of warmth and luxury to any kitchen design. Whether you choose gold leaf, gold appliances, gold hardware or gold lighting fixtures, these accents will instantly transform your kitchen into a luxurious haven fit for royalty. Combined with other colours like cream, navy blue and white, gold can bring out the best in any kitchen design scheme. Finally, gold is a warm and cool colour depending on the shades used – so make sure you choose wisely for your gold accents!

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