9 Beautiful Splashback Ideas for a Grey Kitchen

Tom Volpe December 14, 2022

Looking to give your kitchen a quick and easy update? A new splashback can make a big impact, and with so many great options available there is sure to be one that will perfectly suit your style. If you are looking for some ideas, read on for nine of our favourites. From sleek and modern to fun and colourful, there is something for everyone!

1) Try a patterned kitchen backsplash


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A grey kitchen is a stunning option which can provide the perfect backdrop for any number of decorative elements. To make the space pop, why not try a patterned backsplash? The interplay of grey and statement patterns can create a truly eye-catching look that enlivens a kitchen with character. Adding different materials and textures to such an open area gives you great scope to be creative and experiment with different themes. Consider going bold – large paisley or Aztec prints work beautifully against the neutrality of grey.

Or, for something a little less daring, opt for subtle geometric shapes like triangles or hexagons which will never go out of style.

2) Go for a classic grey metro tile backsplash

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The timeless and classic look of a grey metro tile backsplash in a grey kitchen can give your home an alluring style. Spanning many different regions and periods, metro tiles have been used to beautify spaces for centuries. When paired with the universally-loved colour of grey, your kitchen will be sure to stand apart while still providing a neutral, calming atmosphere.

Grey kitchens are versatile because they take on any accent colour you place within them. This allows you to explore interesting and unique design elements without overpowering the colour scheme. With an added metro tile backsplash in grey, you get the perfect blend of traditional beauty with modern convenience that is sure to make your kitchen one of the most inviting rooms in your home.

3) Impress with a white tile backsplash

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Grey kitchens can be an exquisite choice for the home, giving a sophisticated and elegant feel to the environment. However, with that said, adding in a white tile backsplash is the perfect way to switch it up from the ordinary. The vibrant colour of white tiles will break up the grey tones, adding a bold yet modern touch to your kitchen. The high contrast from white to grey adds a dynamic that pops against various hues of neutral or even bright accent pieces like cabinets or countertops.

Choose materials wisely, as different textures can dramatically change your kitchen's overall visual impact. Whether you are going for a sleek and glossy look or matte subway tiles, you will be able to find something that fits your style perfectly. With these functional and stylish touches, you will have an eye-catching kitchen sure to impress all who walk through its doors!

4) Keep it classy with a marble tile backsplash


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Grey kitchens can be stunning when coupled with the perfect backsplash. Marble tile brings an exquisite elegance to any grey kitchen, instantly taking it from ordinary to extraordinary. Unlike some materials, it does not get easily scratched or discoloured over time, making your kitchen look polished and impressive for decades! Smooth marble tiles are also excellent at repelling water and eliminating messy spills and staining that may occur with other types of materials.

In addition, marble tile is a breeze to install and requires minimal maintenance throughout its lifetime. It also will not pinch your pocket like some other more expensive counters or luxury hardware might.

5) Choose tiles in a chevron pattern

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Chevron tiles have been around for centuries and their popularity is only increasing. Thanks to their clean lines and sharp angles, chevron tiles add a touch of elegance to any space. When you pair them with the cool, neutral tones of grey, you have a timeless look that will never go out of style.

Another reason to love grey chevron tiles is that they can make even the smallest kitchen feel larger and more spacious. The light-reflecting qualities of grey help to brighten up the room, while the angular shape of chevron tiles creates the illusion of more space. If you're looking for a way to make your small kitchen feel bigger, grey chevron tiles should be at the top of your list!

If you choose to install tiles in a chevron pattern for your grey kitchen splashback, you are making a bold style choice that will show off the unique beauty of your home. With this classic yet modern pattern, you can achieve harmony by connecting adjacent areas and subtly creating depth. When paired with grey tiles, the chevron pattern stands out and gives the kitchen a design-forward look that is sure to catch people's attention. 

6) Opt for dark blue tiles for a moody look


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Dark blue tiles are an excellent choice to give your grey kitchen a moody aesthetic splashback. Not only do they give the kitchen a striking colour contrast, but the strong, bold hue helps to create a calming and inviting atmosphere. Dark blue tile also adds a refined elegance to any space, while softening hard angles and adding subtle texture – perfect for those looking to add charm and finesse.

Additionally, because of its versatility, you can use dark blue tile in various sizes and shapes to completely transform your kitchen without breaking the bank. All these features make dark blue tiles an ideal option for creating a dramatic yet comfortable grey kitchen with a unique twist.

7) Try out hexagon tiles

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Grey kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, but adding a unique element can make your kitchen stand out from the masses. Hexagon tiles are a great way to add a creative and modern flare in an unexpected place. Not only do hexagon tiles provide the perfect background for strong pops of colour when utilized on the backsplash or countertops, but this interesting shape can also be used on walls, floors or even as accents.

The versatility of hexagon tiles makes them easily adaptable to almost any type of decor and style preferences and allows homeowners to get creative with their kitchen designs. If you are looking for an eye-catching way to update your grey kitchen, hexagon tiles may be the perfect fit.

8) Stand out with fish scale tiles

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A kitchen splashback has to live up to high expectations. It needs to be durable and provide a pleasing aesthetic of its own. Grey is a classic colour for the neutral look, but why not stand out and make it unique with fish scale tile? Fish scale tile offers a beautiful pearlized finish that adds texture and depth to the backsplash that would not be there with traditional tiles, making your kitchen instantly attractive and eye-catching.

The scalloped edges of the coral-shaped tiles have become increasingly popular and, when placed in the right colour scheme, can elevate all types of kitchen spaces. Fish scale tile is an investment-worthy addition that can dress up any grey splashback, taking it from dull to delightful.

9) Add a pop of colour with pink tiles

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Introducing a pop of colour, particularly in the form of pink tiles, can be a great way to give a kitchen splashback character and charm. Grey is well-known for its ability to blend with almost any colour, making it an ideal choice for creating a neutral backdrop for vibrant decor elements like pink tiles.

By incorporating eye-catching hues of pink into this space, homeowners can make the most out of their grey kitchen and add an entirely new level of visual impact. Pink also provides an opportunity to further customize this area as various shades can be used to create sophisticated sunset effects or creative geometrical designs. No matter what direction they take, homeowners are sure to find that adding a pop of colour with pink tiles enhances the look and feel of their kitchen perfectly.


If you are looking for a way to brighten up your kitchen without breaking the bank, consider adding a splashback. A colourful or interesting splashback can add personality and pizzazz to any space, and it is a relatively easy way to give your kitchen a quick makeover. Have you decided on a design for your new splashback? We would love to hear about it!

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