10 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Tom Volpe March 19, 2023

Having a kitchen you love is one of the best parts of home ownership. A beautiful, well-designed and functional kitchen can be an exciting space for enjoying meals with family and friends or just relaxing after a long day. Unfortunately, many kitchens end up looking less than stellar due to common design mistakes.

From failing to consider lifestyle needs, poor colour coordination choices, inadequate lighting or skimping on storage solutions - if these mistakes are not corrected early on it can lead to huge regrets later down the road. In this blog post, we'll outline 10 common kitchen design mistakes so that you can avoid them as you plan your own space.

1. Not Planning for Enough Storage Space

When considering a kitchen remodel, the key to a great kitchen is having enough storage space. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to incorporate this key element in their design. Not planning for enough storage can make it difficult to organise items, leaving countertops cluttered and cupboards overflowing. It can also lead to wasted time as you search for lost items or trips to the store for more containers or shelving units. Planning ahead for sufficient storage is key to an efficient and attractive kitchen that will last for years to come.

2. Poor Lighting Choices

When you're remodelling your kitchen, lighting should be a top priority. Poor lighting choices can create an uncomfortable atmosphere, make it difficult to work at the counter, and hurt the overall design of your kitchen. To ensure that your kitchen is well-lit and stylish, take into account factors such as how many windows your space has and if you need LED strip lights for task lighting.

If possible, hire an expert lighting designer to help create a balanced layout that uses the right proportion of ambient lighting and accent lighting over the sink and other workspaces. Furthermore, look for modern light fixtures with warm tones that match the décor of your kitchen - this will ensure that your kitchen looks just as amazing during the evening as it does in the sunlight!

Rectangular White Wooden Dining Table With Six Chairs Set


3. Neglecting Ventilation

Redoing your kitchen is a major undertaking and can be an exciting process, but there are lots of things to consider, including ventilation. Neglecting to think about the type of ventilation you'll need in your kitchen can lead to all sorts of unwelcome consequences down the road, from air quality issues to difficulty handling heat during cooking.

To avoid these problems, it's important to take into account your ventilation choices before you even start remodelling; do some research on different styles and types of fans and vents that will match the look, feel and heart of your new kitchen while ensuring proper airflow. Keeping these considerations in mind before picking out countertops or cabinets is key if you want your kitchen renovation to end up looking great, and functioning better.

4. Choosing Appliances That Don't Fit Your Needs

When remodelling your kitchen, the appliances are a crucial part of the overall ambience. However, it is important to avoid selecting kitchen appliances that don't fit your needs due to their high cost and potential long-term problems. To make sure you get what's best for you and your family, take some time to research the types of appliances that can cater to your needs.

Read online reviews from customers who have bought them and compare different products for features such as price, size, and other advantages that can be beneficial for you. When shopping for appliances, ask questions about installation and repairs since faulty product installation or repair can lead to future problems. Finally, always consider energy-efficient products when available because they provide a great source of savings in the long run.

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5. Not Considering the Work Triangle

Consideration of the work triangle when remodelling your kitchen is often overlooked, yet it can save you time and hassle as you cook. The key to the work triangle is that it creates a natural flow between the three main areas: refrigerator, stove, and sink. By connecting these points in an efficient path, with minimal obstruction or disruption, all essential cooking tasks are easy to move between quickly and logically.

Ensuring that enough space exists between these elements is just one element of how the triangle helps save you time. Proper planning—depending on your needs and lifestyle—can also save valuable steps by placing items smartly within convenient access. Focusing on the work triangle can provide extra recipe prep convenience so you can enjoy more quality time while preparing meals in the kitchen.

6. Overlooking Countertop Space

When remodelling your kitchen, it can be all too easy to focus on the larger-scale design elements without considering the nuance of countertop space. Creating detailed lines between working spaces is key to efficient workflow and cooking, which often requires multiple ingredients, dishes and implements to be within arm's reach.

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen's workspace in a streamlined fashion, look for ways to maximise counter space and provide ample room for all types of kitchen tasks - from prepping ingredients to plating meals and more. Planning this carefully will make your new kitchen a comfortable place for cooking creative dishes that are sure to impress!

7. Ignoring the Importance of Flooring

When considering remodelling your kitchen, it's easy to get swept up in planning out cabinets, countertops, and paint colours. Though those are the primary design elements that we tend to focus on, flooring is often undervalued and overlooked. Hardwood floors or ceramic tile can give your kitchen a polished and grand look that adds value to the space and your home.

In addition, a strong flooring choice also serves as a great base on which you can plan the other features of your new kitchen. With quality flooring as part of your renovation project, you will be sure to have a completed remodel that looks fresh and stylish regardless of how long it's been in place.

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8. Forgetting About Safety Features

Remodelling your kitchen is a great way to express your personal style and make dinner preparation much more enjoyable. While you may get carried away in the process, it's important not to forget about safety features such as adequate lighting, non-slip materials, and proper ventilation.

Adequate lighting helps keep you from cutting yourself with knives or accidentally spilling hot items due to misplaced steps in the dark. Non-slip materials are essential for avoiding slips and falls that can lead to serious injury. Proper ventilation keeps smoke and fumes from recipes out of the living area reducing health risks for everyone in the home. Make sure these safety features are addressed early on in your planning stages so that you can be sure your remodelled kitchen is both stylish and safe!

9. Going Too Trendy with Design Choices

If you're looking to give your kitchen the facelift it deserves, the temptation may be there to go the extra mile - incorporating the latest trends and fixtures into the design. And while fashionable choices add an appealing touch of flair, going too trendy can often lead to more disappointment than joy a few years down the road.

After all, the truth is that the most up-to-date designs can go stale – leaving your remodelled kitchen feeling outdated. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with trendier design elements; just exercise caution and make sure to ground the space with timeless features that won't go out of style anytime soon.

10. Failing to Hire a Professional Designer

Remodelling your kitchen is a significant investment, and it's important that the changes you make add more value to your home. This is why hiring a professional designer can be hugely beneficial - they will have the skills and experience needed to add the right touches that can add more value to your property.

Without the input of a professional designer, you may not get the desired outcome and your investment may not be rewarded in the long term. Weigh up the option carefully and make sure to consider hiring an experienced designer if you're serious about adding value when remodelling your kitchen.

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When it comes to kitchen design, mistakes can be costly. Taking the time to consider your options and consult a professional designer can help ensure that you get the kitchen of your dreams, as well as save time and money in the long run.

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